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Frequently asked questions

What is my policy number?

Your policy number is the 9 or 10 digit number we gave you when you first registered your cards. You can find your policy number at the top of your 'Welcome or Renewal letter'.

I've forgotten my policy number, what do I do?

If you've forgotten your policy number or can’t find it, please contact us on 0800 023 4318.

What am I covered for under my Sentinel® Gold policy?

To find out more about your cover, please view the Benefits

How long am I covered for?

Your Sentinel® Gold policy is active throughout the policy period. You can find the policy period at the top of your 'Welcome letter or Email or Renewal letter'.

How many cards can I register?

You can register as many credit, debit or store cards as you want to. Although registration is not mandatory it will help us to process your claim quickly.

What else can I register on my policy?

You can register your and household members passport and driving licence numbers with Sentinel®Gold. They are stored on our secure database in case you ever need to retrieve the numbers.

Who is covered under my Sentinel® Gold policy?

Your policy covers you and anyone living at your address. Household members must be registered on the policy to be covered.

What if my cards are lost or stolen?

As a Sentinel® Gold member you have access to a 24-hour freephone* service for the reporting of your lost or stolen cards. Simply make one call to us and Sentinel® Gold will arrange to cancel your missing cards with the issuers and request replacements on your behalf.

If you're stranded away from home and the loss or theft of your money and cards means you’re unable to access funds and need emergency cash, Sentinel® Gold can organise emergency cash advances of up to £3,000, to help you.

Cash advances are subject to status and repayable within 30 days of receipt. Emergency Cash Advances are not insurance.

How easy is it to make a claim?

Your first step is to report the loss or theft to Sentinel® Gold and to the police. Then keep all of your original receipts. Fill in a claim form, which we'll send you, and pop it back in the post along with all the documents that we ask you for. That's it.

How do I get my replacement cards?

When you report your lost or stolen cards we will ask you if you would like us to order replacements for you. We will contact your card issuers and request this on your behalf.

Who arranges Locksmiths if I lose or have my keys stolen?

Call us and our fully trained professional agents will arrange assistance for you with our 24-hour locksmith cover.

How long will it take for a Locksmith to arrive?

We guarantee a 2-hour response time if there is a threat to property although often a locksmith will arrive within 60 minutes.

What if I’m unable to gain entry to my car?

We can arrange 24-hour recovery and transportation if we are unable to gain entry to your car.

How can I be reminded of my Online Username?

If you have forgotten your Online Username please click on the following link and complete the mandatory steps to be sent an E-mail containing your Online Username.

How can I be reminded of my Online Password?

If you have forgotten your Online Password please click on the following link and complete the mandatory steps to reset your password.

What do I do if I receive an email that requests my personal information or concerns me?

If you receive any unsolicited email that claims to come from us that does concern you, please forward this onto our team at and we will investigate it further. This type of internet fraud is, unfortunately, on the rise and is called phishing.

How do I protect myself from phishing?

The key thing is to be suspicious of all unsolicited or unexpected emails you receive, even if they appear to originate from a trusted source. Although we may contact you by email, we will never ask you to reconfirm your login details or your password in full or personal information. If you receive any email that concerns you please forward them to and we will investigate them further.

I have read all the FAQs and still have a question - what do I do?

Simply call 0800 023 4318 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have. Calls to 0800 numbers are free from landlines and mobile phones.