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24/7 card blocking and replacement

If your debit, credit or store cards are lost or stolen, just one call to our 24/7 helpline from wherever you are in the world and we'll arrange for all your cards to be cancelled and request replacements on your behalf. Plus if you’re moving house, just let us know and we’ll notify all your card issuers for you.

  • One number for all your cards
  • There's no need to register your cards for us to help you, but we recommend that you do so we can help you more quickly when you call
  • Register additional household members at no extra cost

Emergency contact numbers
No international codes are needed. Just dial the number as shown.

0800 023 4318
900 984 479
0800 907209
18004 737 594
0505 449154
0800 876064
Irish Republic:
1 800 626 700

Country not listed? Simply reverse the charges
Call the International Operator and ask them to reverse the charges to Portsmouth 00 44 239 265 2222.

Lock and key cover

We understand that losing your keys can be expensive and frustrating. If your keys are lost or stolen, we'll cover the cost of replacements, including replacement and re-programming of immobilisers. And if you find yourself locked out of your car or home as a result of losing or having your keys stolen, Sentinel® Gold can also arrange and cover the cost of emergency 24/7 locksmith assistance.

  • Lock and key cover for home, home office, cars, caravans, motorbikes and motor homes, includes keys broken in locks
  • We will refund reasonable costs of car hire, taxis and public transport for up to three days if our locksmith is unable to gain access to your car. Plus any costs incurred transporting your vehicle to your home or garage in the event that keys are lost
  • Up to £1,000 per claim
  • Cover applies to all registered household members

Security key and luggage tags

On your request, Sentinel® Gold will provide you with one tag to attach to luggage and one key tag. Simply attach to your luggage and keys to give you the best chance of having items returned to you should you lose them.

  • Each item carries a code unique to you
  • The tag has the Sentinel® Gold telephone number, so if someone finds your belongings all they have to do is call us and we'll match the code and contact you to help arrange for the luggage to be returned. For keys, a FREEPOST address is also on the tag, so the finder can simply pop them in the nearest post box at no cost and we'll arrange their safe return to you

Order your tags by calling 0800 023 4318

Personal belongings and money insurance

Often when cards, personal money or ID documents are stolen, it also means that your bag, purse, briefcase or wallet has gone missing as well. We help to minimise the stress and expense of loss by covering their replacement.

  • Up to £300 for your lost or stolen purse, wallet, briefcase, bag when reported lost or stolen to Sentinel® Gold
  • Up to £400 to replace personal money lost or stolen at the same time as your credit/debit or pre-paid cards

Emergency cash advances

Losing or having your money, cards and belongings stolen is an unpleasant experience, made worse by the practical problem of getting yourself home without any means of payment. Sentinel® Gold can arrange emergency cash advances to help should this happen to you.

  • Up to £3,000 emergency cash advance to help you deal with immediate arrangements.
  • Additional emergency advances of:
    • Up to £5,000 to pay for travel tickets for you and any registered household members
    • Up to £3,000 for emergency hotel bill advance
    • Up to £750 to cover any transport charges to enable you to complete your journey
  • Cash advances subject to status and repayable within 30 days of receipt

Replacement ID document cover

Replacing a passport, driving license or birth certificate can be costly. Sentinel® Gold provides up to £400 cover to help with these expenses should any of your identity documents be lost or stolen.

If the loss or theft puts you at a high risk of identity fraud, we can also register your details with CIFAS, the UK's leading fraud prevention service. Registering with CIFAS provides an extra layer of protection as every credit application has to be directly authenticated by you first before credit is granted.

Securely register details of your important identity documents in the member area of Sentinel® Gold for easy access when you need them.

Communication costs insurance

Up to £800 to cover the costs of reporting and dealing with an incident of loss or theft or your personal belongings - your purse, wallet, bag, cash, or identity documents.